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Mission Statement ABC will continually strive to be the leading voice promoting free enterprise within the construction industry. ABC will promote and defend the merit shop philosophy. This philosophy encourages open competition and free-enterprise approach to construction based solely on merit regardless of labor affiliation. It doesnt happen overnight. Its subtle and sometimes undetectable but before you know it youre practically isolated and theres this impending doom of its you against the world. Im asked time and time againwhats the value of ABC membership Well in the world of free enterprise and merit shop we are the world. Thats the intrinsic value of membership. Going it alone is a noble concept and most often with little or no major consequences existing in your vacuum. Yet the truth is that even the simplest action - a piece of legislation a ruling a law can be incredibly significant and have a profound impact of the companies that can ill-afford to be isolated in a climate where how you run your company is under attack behind closed doors every day. But our philosophies are aligned we relate to the rest of the Contractors world. Your world. So whats the value of ABC in a word...its Connection. ABC is bound by an invisible connection between Contractors Suppliers Associates and the legal advocacy benefits inherent to membership tied by a singular purpose protecting your right to own and operate your business free of forced unionization fair and open bids and cumbersome overbearing rules and regulations. Our job To stay conscious of the interconnection between all things that help you think of your choices and your companys future and the broader effect youre creating by your investment in an ABC MEMBERSHIP... an undeniable and incalculable value of a Connection with the best Return of All ABC has ever been about is you. The strength of our numbers makes us powerful enough so that what we do and the connections we make reverberate through the halls of legislators and leaves a lasting imprint on the heirs of your company that connections matter. Generation after generation. ABC..membership....get Connected. getCONNECTED Jimmy E. Greene PresidentCEO ABC Greater Michigan Chapter What is the VALUE of ABC Dont always think about the now plan for the future When things are good they are good when things get bad the relationships and strength in numbers you get from ABC are priceless. ABC is Access to Industry related relationships Members doing business with members World class skilled trades training Continuing education training future leaders Safety Money saving benefits Access at your fingertips to.. Legal resources lobbying and so much more. I attended a free ABC informational event where a member law firm spoke. I was able to save my company over 80000 from what I learned You cant afford not to belong to ABC In addition we have negotiated discounts from Fed Ex Chrysler GM just to name a few and all it takes is a simple proof from your local chapter to invoke your savings. U.S. Marble saved 1630.52 on Fed Ex alone with the ABC discount Heres an idea of what you can expect to save by Maximizing your ABC Membership Shawn Stevens Chelsea Lumber What can ABC do to help YOU - GROW your business You have access to two Business Development professionals who are available to assist with Networking opportunities for Members to do business with Members Building lasting and meaningful relationships within ABC Facilitated intentional connections with those in the Association you want to do business with Marketing opportunities on our website Transit magazine email blasts and at our events buildingBUSINESS relationships Our legislative efforts have brought positive change in the business environment promoting Free Enterprise and Fair and Open Competition. ABC is Access to ABC has been voted the most effective association in advocating for the construction industry ABC is a leader in Advocacy at a local state and national level We have been the voice and strength in numbers for local and statewide construction companies for years. We work to maintain a fair working environment for Merit Shop and Free Enterprise companies. Recently successful in... Making Michigan a Right-to-Work state Making PLAs Project Labor Agreements illegal on public projects giving all companies rather union or non-union the ability to bid on these projects. It has truly been a pleasure working with ABC during my time in the Legislature. I value their input knowledge and professionalism. ABC sets high standards in training educating and advocating for our construction industry. Jim Stamas Michigan State Senator ABC is the only association that is an advocate of free enterprise in the construction industry. They lead the fight for the merit shop and the state local and national levels of government. ABC is our voice at the capitol. Dan KozakiewiczThree Rivers Corporation Why Did Capitol Insiders Name ABC of Michigan the Most Effective Construction Association in Michigan Highlights ABC passed landmark legislation creating new flexibility in state law allowing schools to have additional flexibility to offer CTE and vocational classes ABC launched a new strategic partnership with MIOSHA to enhance construction industry safety ABC pushed for enactment of the Michigan Skilled Trades Training Fund ABC helped enact legislation allowing high school students to pursue personal curriculums that can include more skilled trades opportunities ABC worked with the Governor to appoint and re-appoint Merit Shop electrical contractors to the Michigan Electrical Administrative board ABC made government mandated union-only Project Labor Agreements illegal in Michigan by passing the most comprehensive open competition law in America ABC fought to end double taxation of S-Corps and LLCs ABC was the leading trade association in Michigan lobbying for successful passage of Right to Work in Michigan Because ABC of Michigan ISthe Most Effective Construction Association in Michigan governmentAFFAIRS Participating in the ABC of Michigan Workers Compensation Fund is the most economical way for the Tancor Corporation to provide great Workers Compensation benefits to our employeesand on top of that the savings are also large enough to pay for my yearly ABC dues. The ABC of Michigan Workers Compensation Fund is really a great benefit to ABC members. E.W.TanziniTheTancor Corporation Did you know... As a member of the ABC Fund a host of safety and training materials is available to your organization free of charge Safety National the excess carrier for the ABC Fund offers online access to Fund members Some of the offerings include Webinars Toolbox Talks Work Comp Toolkit Return to Work Toolkit OSHA Links and Updates PowerPoint Presentations Safety Posters and Handouts Online Training for Employees Construction Industry Toolkits The Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan Self Insured Workers Compensation Fund had the largest profit distribution in history of a staggering 3550000.00 returned to ABC Fund Members.This represents an average return equal to 36 of a members annual premium. As a member-owned program all premium collected thats not used for claims and administrative expenses is returned back to members. Operating since 1995 the ABC Fund has several distinct advantages over most standard insurance carriers. The ABC Funds excellent performance has insulated its members from the turbulence of the traditional insurance marketplace. From substantial profit returns to aggressive claims handling the Fund is the most cost-effective workers compensation option for its members year after year. Most importantly Fund members receive stable yet competitive up front pricing.This along with the Funds selective approach to underwriting new members is designed to save members money on the total cost of workerscompensation over the long term. Participants in the Fund must be a member of an ABC Chapter. The majority of payroll must be a business that serves the construction industry as a contractor subcontractor or a supplier. The Fund covers a wide variety of classifications however it does not cover certain exposures such as roofers steel erectors and demolition contractors are not eligible. workersCOMPFUND ABCofMichigan With two training locations across the state we are able to better fulfill your apprentice needs. Upon completion students receive a nationally recognized NCCER Certification. We can also customize training to fit your specific needs. Tuition costs as low as 595 per semester Training currently being offered Midland Training Facility Carpentry........................................................4 year program Electrical..........................................................4 year program HVAC.................................................................4 year program Instrumentation...........................................4 year program Insulating........................................................3 year program Industrial Maintenance Mechanic.........4 year program Iron Working..................................................3 year program Pipefitting.......................................................4 year program Plumbing........................................................4 year program Sheet Metal....................................................4 year program Welding............................................................4 year program GMCA is a great option for people looking to work towards an NCCER certification. The instructors are very personable and the classes are small enough to ensure that each student gets the attention they need. JustinVorisek Carpentry Student Lansing Training Facility Electrical...............................4 year program Carpentry.............................4 year program Concrete...............................2 year program The Greater Michigan Construction Academy now offers day training for High School students. We are attracting training and retaining young people to the trades to meet the skilled tradesgap in our state. We are expanding our offerings into new trades not previously offered. The Greater Michigan Construction Academy is an industry leader in educating students to become great skilled tradespeople. Continuing Education Programs Breakthrough... Creating a Leadership Culture An ABC leadership program designed for professionals who are accountable for results specifically impacting safety who collaborate on ideas who are empowered to solve problems who pro actively build relationships and are industry leaders as they continue to build future success. The program emphasizes skills needed to build external and internal relationships and leveragebest practicesto educate participants to be the professional they want and need to be. educationTRAININGThe Breakthrough Leadership class has helped me improve effective leadership results in many ways. I hope it becomes second nature a mind-set and a way of life for me. Kyle Palmer Alloy Construction Inc. Accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education Training ABC awards Commercial Contractors through our STEP Self-Evaluation Program we offer safety training through our partnerships as well as awareness. CPR MIOSHA OHSA 10 and other offerings are available to assist our contractors in building that culture of safety for our ABC Families. Participating in STEP provides you with an opportunity to measure your safety programs progress through the 20 Key Components self-evaluation identify areas of improvement and benchmark your performance with fellow ABC members. ABC believes strongly in providing safety training and safety information to our members. ABC and MIOSHA have formed an alliance to increase and promote on the job safety improve employee safety and health and create better communication between ABC members and MIOSHA for the benefit of a safer workforce. Some of the safety training includes OSHA 10 hour CPRFirst Aid Fall Protection Electrical Safety Scaffolds Scaffold Platforms Part 2 Masonry Wall Bracing and additional customized safety training designed to meet the needs of ABC members safetyCULTURE FAQs Q What do I get out of ABC A You get the opportunity to become part of a great group. You become part of an association full of folks who have worked and experienced the same trials and tribulations that you have. You get to create long lasting relationships with folks who feel comfortable working with you knowing that you have the same beliefs and ethics that they do. You get to be part of an association who is ranked at the top for fighting and advocating for companies like yours on a local state and national level. You get support from fellow members and staff who are available to help you and work with you at all times. You get discounts on training and access to students looking for careers. You get a piece of mind that you are supporting your industry. Q Are you Anti-Union A We are not Anti-Union. We are pro-choice where the workers can choose to be union or not. Whether union or non-union we represent free enterprise folks. Q How are your dues broken down A Our dues are broken up in to categories by Associate Supplier and Contractor. They are further broken down into annual gross sales. Example Contractor 4.0 0 - 500000 Contractor 6.0 500001 - 1000000 Q How will I get to meet the folks I want to do business with A There will be plenty of opportunities throughout the year to meet fellow members of the association. Whether it is an information event networking focused event golf outing etc. we work to get folks introduced. It is important to acknowledge that you know your business better than anyone else and being active and involved can only help your experience. Q How many members do you have A In the nationwide network we have approximately 21000 ABC Members and 300 in the Greater Michigan Chapter respectively. ABC Greater Michigan Chapter walks the talk. They always stand up and fight when their principals or members are under attack by big labor or anti-competitive regulation. Our firm couldnt be prouder than to be the Chapter Attorneys for this truly special organization. Kraig Schutter Masud Labor Law Midland 7730 W. Wackerly Midland MI 48642 P 989-832-8879 855-832-8879 F 989-698-3025 Lansing 1501 Rensen St. Ste. C Lansing MI 48910 P 517-394-4481 855-832-8879 F 517-394-6275 Thank You Download the ABC Greater Michigan Chapter App Accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education Training