Excellence In Construction Awards

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ABC Greater Michigan Chapter will be conducting its fifth annual EIC awards competition at the local level, recognizing and promoting the quality workmanship by our very own merit shop contractors and their employees. This program has been a part of the ABC National program of events for thirty years and has become the premier competition within the construction industry that recognizes outstanding construction projects across the nation.


The Greater Michigan Chapter continues to conduct the annual EIC awards competition at the local level, to recognize and promote the quality workmanship by our very own merit shop contractors and their employees.


Eligibility Criteria

Any General Contractor or Trade Contractor member of ABC/GMC, in good standing, may enter the competition. To be considered in good standing, a company must be current in their payment of annual membership dues and/or any other association charges.


Entry Rules & Registration

·         A per-project registration fee is required with each entry. $300 for the first entry and a discount rate of $200 for any additional entries, use code: 2020_additional_entry. All submissions will be invoiced following application completion.

·         Members may enter multiple projects per category, or a single project in multiple categories. Please note, multiple projects in one category may end up in competition with each other.

·         The project entered must have been completed between September 30, 2019 and May 31, 2020. If required, the date on the Certificate of Substantial Completion shall determine the project’s completion. Trade Contractors may enter their contracted work even if the rest of the project has not been completed.

·         Entries are accepted from across the state of Michigan.

·         If your contract includes work that will be covered up before the project is completed, please provide construction photos for use by the judges.

·         All accepted entries become property of ABC/GMC and may be used for publication or for any other purpose the association deems appropriate.

·         The Official Entry Form must be fully completed online and submitted no later than August 14th, 2020.

·         All entry fees are non-refundable.

·         The member submitting an entry must receive authorization from the owner prior to entering the project.

·         All entries should be submitted online at www.projectpresenter.com/abcgmcawards



The panel of judges represents a cross-section of our industry from the Greater Michigan Chapter footprint. Members of the judge’s panel will evaluate and score all entries and will determine the award winners. Winners will not be announced in advance of the event and will be announced live at the “Greatness & Gratitude Gala” Awards Program on September 10, 2020.

General Contractor/CM Categories

·         New Construction (Ground Up)

·         Renovation/Addition (Includes interior build-out)

·         Historic

·         Sustainable Building


Trade Contractor Categories

·         Concrete Construction

·         Exterior Finishes

·         Glazing

·         Interior Finishing

·         Masonry

·         Precast Concrete

·         Roofing-Other

·         Misc. Steel

·         Fire Protection

·         HVAC

·         Landscaping

·         Painting

·         Process Piping

·         Sheet Metal (Duct)

·         Other

·         Electrical

·         General Trades

·         Low Voltage Systems

·         Plumbing

·         Roofing-Single Ply

·         Structural Steel



The EIC Award winners will be announced and presented by the Greater Michigan Chapter on September 12, 2019 at Apple Mountain in Freeland, MI. A presentation of all entries and announcement of the winning entries will be shown during the award ceremony.


Recognition in the form of awards and publicity will be given to the EIC winner in each category.


Entry Submission

All entries should be submitted online at www.projectpresenter.com/abcgmcawardsABC Greater Michigan Chapter will be holding the Fifth Annual Excellence in Construction (EIC) Awards Program on September 10, 2020. More information COMING SOON!