Local Legislators

For your benefit we have assembled a list of our local legislators along with their e-mail address and webpage. To e-mail a legislator click on their name. To view their webpage, click on their photo.




District 1
Dan Benishek

District 4
John Moolenaar
District 5
Dan Kildee
District 10
Candice Miller


District 96
District 99
Kevin Cotter
District 84
Kurt Damrow 
District 94
Tim Kelly
District 97
Joel Johnson 
District 83
Paul Muxlow 
District 95
Vanessa Guerra 
 District 103
Bruce Rendon
District 98
Gary Glenn
District 85
Ben Glardon 
District 71
Tom Barrett 
District 93
Tom Leonard 
 District 64
Earl Poleski
District 103
Bruce Rendon 


District 33
Judy Emmons 
District 31
Mike Green 
District 32
Ken Horn
District 36
Jim Stamas
District 24
Rick Jones