2017 STEP Award Winners

Alloy Construction Services
Architectural Metals
Blasy Electric
Lake Painting
RCL Construction
Three Rivers Corporation
Valley Electrical Contractors
G.E. Insulation
Greener Energy
Pleune Service Company
United Electrical Contractors
Windemuller Electric
American Plumbing
Answer Heating & Cooling
Bay Aggregate
Central Concrete Products
Fisher Contracting
Fisher Sand & Gravel
Great Lakes Bay Construction
J.E. Johnson
Magnum Construction
Pyramid Control
Sugar Construction
The Tancor Corporation
Tradesmen International
Wolgast Corporation
A/C Electric
Consolidated Electrical
Joseph M. Day
Albin Hengesbach Carpentry


Established in 1989 by the ABC National Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) Committee, the Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) program was developed and written by contractors, for contractors. With the exception of the more advanced Diamond and Platinum levels, it is complimentary for ABC Greater Michigan members. Program participants often see the following returns on their STEP investments: increased productivity with fewer on-the-job injuries, greater OSHA compliance, competitive market advantage and lower worker's compensation costs. 

  • STEP provides a systematic formula for developing and analyzing safety and loss prevention programs.
  • STEP is designed to benefit both the large and small businesses.
  • The STEP Key Component system forms a 20-point guide to starting, updating or auditing a company-wide safety program.
  • The STEP process incorporates both OSHA required safety data with self-assessment to comprehensively report on all aspects of your safety program.
  • STEP data shows that participating companies beat BLS averages in a number of areas, leading to benefits during the bidding and insurance negotiation process.
  • Outstanding safety programs can receive chapter and national recognition, National Safety Excellence and Accredited Quality Contractor awards, with recognition events held throughout the year.
  • Your responses are strictly confidential. 
  • All companies claim that safety is a priority, with STEP you can prove it!


We created our FirstStep tool with the smaller contractor in mind. This road map give you basic components to consider as you construct your safety program. We encourage you to build the program around your company's culture and incorporate your business practices. This tool is a guide designed to be modified and enhanced as you see fit.


Safety IS Your Business!

ABC Greater Michigan Chapter application
deadline is July, 2018

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