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MILAN, MICH., March, 2015 -  Kincaid Henry Building Group and Wabash & Main LLC is pleased to announce the beginning of construction for the historically sensitive redevelopment of the mostly vacant block of buildings on the south side of East Main Street in Milan (next to and including the Milan Bakery).

The four buildings will be redeveloped into a mixed-use project that includes 15 new apartments and eight storefronts restored to their historic facades. The four buildings were originally constructed between 1845 and 1892. The one at the corner of
Wabash and Main Streets is the first brick building built in Milan. Its façade has been covered with a faux stone covering for decades. The building next to it has been covered with a ceramic façade for almost as long.

This $5,270,000 development is supported by Michigan State Housing Development Agency (MSHDA) Rental Rehabilitation Program and Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Community Revitalization Program grants.  In addition, it qualifies for Federal Historic Tax Credits because of the historic nature of the building and the fact that the buildings are part of the Milan Main Street Historic District which is listed on the National Register of Historic places.

University Bank of Ann Arbor is providing financing for the project, which is expected to be complete in December 2015.   Additional financial assistance will be provided during the construction phase by Develop Michigan, Inc. of Lansing. Dudley Ventures of Phoenix (AZ) provided equity to the project, facilitating the utilization of the federal Historic Tax Credits.

Construction is to be managed by Kincaid Henry Building Group of Lansing.  Architectural work has been done by Kraemer Design Group of Detroit.  Commercial leasing is handled by Colliers International in Ann Arbor.

The public is invited to groundbreaking event for the project at 4 PM on Thursday, March 26, 2015 behind the Milan Bakery on the construction site at 42 E Main Street in Milan.

Plans for the redevelopment of the property have been in the works since early 2010. “The East Main Redevelopment project will make the entire community a more desirable place to live.  It will be the most visible positive change to the downtown in several generations,” said Jade Smith, City Administrator of Milan. "This redevelopment will be the catalyst to future development and put Milan on the map for future businesses."

The City of Milan has contracted with Revitalize, LLC to administer the MSHDA grant funds.

Revitalize co-owner and long-time housing advocate, Bruce Johnston offered the following advice in light of the announcement: "Never give up - most things in life that are worth it, take time and strong partnerships."

In addition, Jim Howard, CEO of Dudley Ventures, stated, “The federal Historic Tax Credits provide an important incentive which has helped to make this project a reality.”

“Wabash & Main LLC is proud to lead this revitalization project," said Dave Snyder, managing member of the business. "It will nearly double the number of downtown residents in Milan and house those residents in upscale homes at an affordable
cost for decades to come.  We’ve will make it possible for these buildings to stand for another 170 years!” For more information about the East Main Redevelopment visit

“It is impressive to see the public and private sector working together to enhance this Milan City block,” said Steve Smith, managing member of Capital Fund Title Services.

"This is an amazing project and we are thankful for everyone’s participation in making this project come together," said Ryan Henry, Kincaid Henry chief operations officer. The project is a one of many similar projects that Kincaid Henry is working on
in various smaller downtowns throughout Michigan.


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